About ATG Digital transformation has become a top priority for many
businesses. Also in high risk industries, the thought of greater
efficiency, fewer human failures, and more competitive advantages
appeals to the imagination. Especially during expensive
maintenance shutdowns or turnarounds, the added value of smart
industrial solutions, often referred to as the digital turnaround,
is significant. Welcome to the Access Technology Group.
Your partner in digital state-of-the-art industrial safety and
efficiency solutions, owner of VISICS for digital confined space
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Our Vision

Digital Turnarounds

We believe in state-of-the-art mobile solutions to help you reduce costs and yet increase safety during turnarounds and maintenance shutdowns.

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is on the move. This rise of a new digital industrial technology opens doors to more efficient processes, higher-quality products and lower costs.

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Data Driven Insight

VISICS pre-installed cameras, alarm units, badge units, remote gas detection and wireless connections instantly increase the level of safety and efficiency.

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More information

ATG offers added value to industries with a high risk profile and a need for increased safety, maximized productivity and lower costs in times of maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns.


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