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Our safety and efficiency solutions are used all around the world. In close corporation with our safety partners, installations and implementations take place worldwide. To support these projects we have set-up our own state-of-the-art 24/7 support centre located in The Netherlands: C3 (Configuration and Control Centre).

From C3 we can safely, securely and remotely access any VISICS system anywhere and anytime. All hardware and software generations are available in C3. Our C3 support colleagues are trained to simulate any situation to be able to provide the best remote support possible. C3 is manned 24/7 and facilitates partners and clients all over the world with specific knowledge and additional eyes to minimize implementation time and maximize efficiency.

Contact C3

You can contact our support desk 24/7 via email, phone, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

If you need priority support, please call the service desk. Our team is on standby to answer calls 24/7.

From USA/Canada:
Phone: +1 587 887 8395
WhatsApp: +31 85 401 7692
E-mail: c3-support@access-technology.nl

From Australia:
Phone: +61 734976379
WhatsApp: +31 85 401 7692
E-mail: c3-support@access-technology.nl

From other countries:
Phone: +31 418840001
WhatsApp: +31 85 401 7692
E-mail: c3-support@access-technology.nl

  • Service and support are critical factors for success.

    Jos van den Hoven Access Technology Group

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