Meet Sebastiaan

Since December 2018, obstacle runner and ‘bootcamper’ Sebastiaan van Kemp has been working as Manager Innovations for Access Technology Group. His challenge is to continuously improve the VISICS solution – from both a technical as a process-oriented perspective.

What does being Manager Innovations at Access Technology group involve?

Sebastiaan: “As a Manager Innovations I am part of the Research & Development team. Together with Remco Coenen, our CTO, I define the strategy for our software, data and hardware solutions. Execution of these plans takes place in close cooperation with our engineering teams in both India and The Netherlands.

To make sure that our adjustments matches our customers needs and wishes, I’m in close contact with the market. Part of this are customer visits and arranging pilots for testing purposes.”

What kind of person is a Manager Innovations at Access Technology Group?

Sebastiaan: “As a Manager Innovations at Access Technology Group, you need to be creative, curious and enterprising. It is important that you are a good listener, being open to new and different ideas.”

In relation to your work here, what are you proud of? Or have fun or special memories of?

Sebastiaan: “At the start, there where a lot of different tools and no generic reporting tool. That changed with the development of our Reporting Tool, resulting in an uniform way of reporting. Every time I see a customer opening the Reporting Tool onsite, it makes me smile.”

Since you have been working here, what has been the biggest change?

Sebastiaan: “That would have been (and is) our transformation from being a start-up to becoming a scale-up. We now have more capacity, and processes have been professionalized and certified. There a more resources and capacity to develop our own products, tailored to our business.”

How would you describe the working atmosphere at Access Technology Group?

It is a nice place to work with an open culture. Everyone is accessible, everyone helps each other – even though it is not ones responsibility. Being successful together, means celebrating successes together. That’s a good feeling.

Would you recommend others to join the Access Technology Group?

Sebastiaan: “Absolutely. If you are interested to make a difference in the international business of industrial safety, are willing to work hard as part of a professional team and if you value freedom, responsibility and recognition, Access Technology Group is the place to be for you.”

  • Being successful together, means celebrating successes together. That’s a good feeling.

    Sebastiaan van Kemp Manager Innovations, Access Technology Group

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