Access Communications

Since 2005 Access Communications B.V., part of Access Technology Group, provides customized cost-effective communication services such as telephony, internet and WLAN site surveys. Think of:

  • Fiber optic speed connections
  • Internet access
  • Reliable Voice over IP (VOIP) solutions
  • Wireless networks, both indoor and outdoor
  • Complete camera security solutions
  • Installation and rental of (temporary) microwave links
  • Wireless site-surveys and L.O.S. (Line Of Sight) surveys
  • Technologies like: ADSL, SDSL, VPN, MPLS, WLAN

Our services


Availability, functionality, VOIP


Connection, hosting, back-up

WLAN site surveys

Each area, location or building has its own characteristics regarding the behaviour of radio waves. By conducting a WLAN site survey, we are able to advise you on the number, type and location of access points that are necessary to reach the coverage needed. The survey consists of the following steps:

  1. Collecting information like maps, connections, sizes and materials
  2. Planning simulated radio coverage
  3. Zero (baseline) measurement
  4. Field measurement
  5. Channel layout and reporting

More information

ATG offers added value to industries with a high risk profile and a need for increased safety, maximized productivity and lower costs in times of maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns.


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