Access Innovations

Access Innovations B.V. is a Dutch company, part of Access Technology Group and specialized in wireless communication networks, products and technologies. Within this area, Access Innovations is especially active in a.o.:

  • Telecommunications
  • Data communications
  • CCTV networks
  • Technologies like: GSM, DECT, WLAN, Wi-Fi, WIMAX, VOIP and RFID

Flexible and reliable

When installing a network, flexibility is one of the most important conditions. Choosing a wireless network solution increases flexibility and enables growth based on (future) needs. This brings the following advantages:

  • Less installation costs
  • Faster Return-On-Investment
  • Unlimited grow possibilities
  • Fast implementation
  • No permits necessary

Since 2002, Access Innovations has become a key player in the world of wireless connections. We make a difference by applying and developing innovative solutions and high-quality products. Using an advanced network management platform, the networks we provide are very reliable and of great quality, resulting in an uptime of 99,95%. This makes our networks very suitable for e.g. VOIP.

Our services

  • Access Innovations provides the following services:
  • Camera security systems
  • Network connections
  • Line of Sight (LOS) investigations
  • Wireless networks both in- and outdoor
  • Telecommunication services
  • Network design for specific situations
  • Site planning for antennas
  • (Testing of) installations
  • Network protection
  • Network maintenance based on Service Level Agreement (SLA)

More information

ATG offers added value to industries with a high risk profile and a need for increased safety, maximized productivity and lower costs in times of maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns.


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