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During your turnaround, VISICS pre-installed cameras, alarm units, badge units, remote gas detection and wireless connections instantly increase the level of safety and efficiency. Even more when our RFID based tracking solution for people and/or assets is implemented as well. All data collected is sent to and monitored by the operators in the control centre, enabling them to take immediate action when necessary, based on real-time data analytics, for example when gas levels are exceeded or in case of accidents.

However, in the age of analytics there are more valuable treasures to be found in collected data. Treasures that will increase efficiency, lead to improved worker collaboration and significantly reduce downtime.

Think of insights into:

  • Time spent looking for the right assets
  • Current location of specific assets
  • Exposure to certain gasses
  • Productivity vs. non-productivity
  • Time spent on administrative tasks
  • Whereabouts of people in case of an emergency
  • Number of people evacuated (muster point)
  • Weather influences
  • Time spent waiting for working permits
  • and more.

Tracking people and assets using RFID

Our tracking solution is based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. It consists of a tag, carried by a person or asset, that exchanges data with an RFID reader through radio frequency waves. Special software collects the data, enabling you to quickly and easily identify real-time locations of assets and people. Furthermore, using our dashboard application, it is easy to realise a thorough analysis of the collected data to gain valuable insights and improve future projects.

Please visit our VISICS website for more information about our tracking solutions.

  • The ideal digital turnaround is all about data.

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What is the value of your data?

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ATG offers added value to industries with a high risk profile and a need for increased safety, maximized productivity and lower costs in times of maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns.


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