Digital Turnarounds

An industrial turnaround, also known as TAR, maintenance shutdown or outage, is a scheduled event, during which part of an industrial plant is taken off-stream to perform maintenance activities. Such events can be quite complex as they often involve extraordinary activities and extra (external) manpower. Safety is key. At the same time, efficiency is a critical factor for success. This makes turnarounds a true challenge that requires thoughtful management and significant investments in time and money.

This specific challenge is our exact mission. We believe in state-of-the-art mobile solutions to help you reduce costs and yet increase safety during turnarounds and maintenance shutdowns. Mobile, because of the temporary nature of turnaround. And state-of-the-art to be able to guarantee safety and efficiency, reduce lead time and to take future advantage of today’s knowledge. We are ready for Industry 4.0. Are you?

  • Smart industrial solutions help you to reduce costs and increase safety.

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Digitalization: Health and Safety

The more people performing activities on your plant, the greater the risk. To cover this risk, you need additional resources to sense (potential) danger and ensure safety. By digitalizing these resources the number of people onsite will be minimized, while at the same time accuracy and response time will significantly improve.

  • Digital Confined Space Monitoring
  • Remote Gas Detection
  • RFID Muster Point Tracking (Roll Call)
  • Access Control and Management

Digitalization: Industrial Insights

An efficient turnaround is all about time. Improving Hands on Tool Time (HoTT) starts with insights into processes: how much time does it take to obtain the required working permits? Are all assets needed in place? And where are they located? How much extra time does it take to get there? Using RFID technology, people and assets can be easily tracked providing valuable insights for future turnarounds.

  • RFID Tracking
  • Data Analysis
  • Hands on Tool Time

Digitalization: Efficiency

Our mobile solutions are configured especially for your specific needs and are ready to use. Installation of our products is often done by one of our trained safety partners in close contact with our 24/7 Configuration and Control Centre. By installing cameras inside and outside confined spaces, connecting badge and alarm units, and placing remote gas detection units, all with a direct connection to a (mobile) operator room, the level of safety will improve immediately. Combined with our RFID solutions for tracking, efficiency of specific processes can be optimized as well.

  • Ready to use
  • Remote contact with and view of people inside confined spaces
  • (Mobile) Operator Room
  • 24/7 Remote Support
  • RFID Tracking
  • Integrations with third parties like eVision, Genetec and Dräger

Digitalization: Lead time

Lead time and efficiency go hand in hand. Increasing efficiency shortens valuable lead time and directly results in major savings.

  • Less non-productive time
  • Improved response time in case of possible emergencies
  • Wired and wireless connectivity
  • Remote support

Digital Confined Space Monitoring with VISICS

Remote Gas Detection

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Access Control and Intercom

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What’s your vision on digital turnarounds?

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ATG offers added value to industries with a high risk profile and a need for increased safety, maximized productivity and lower costs in times of maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns.


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