Lead Full-Stack Django Developer & Software Architect

ATG is looking for a senior Full-Stack Django expert who is ready to architect and help build a whole new IoT for Industry 4.0 from start. Somebody with strong analytical skills, experience in designing and building complex software from scratch. Software that is combining IoT, Camera systems, gas detectors, track & trace but also analytical database systems to build software that no (wo)man has built before, to protect the health and lives of workers in the industry.

If you want to work for high-end clients and would like to have a large impact on how things are done, we’re interested in talking to you!


  • Design our complete eco-system for Industry 4.0 so we can run complex networks of sensors for our clients in sites across the world.
  • You can design/select the Development environment setup.
  • Test, diagnose and help design IoT prototypes.
  • Peoples health and lives will ultimately depend on the systems you build.

ATG Tech facts:

  • We’re building a Django-Python based platform, have a distributed environment with an Azure Cloud and remote sites connected by Starlink & 4G that need to be able to run off-grid
  • Most of the technology stack can still be designed by you.
  • We have tens of thousands of devices (infrared) camera, intercoms, alarms, badgereaders, BLE-Tracking devices, temperature sensors, gas detectors etc. and staff collecting data that need to be managed by software.

Your background;

  1. Master level in a IT-Technical subject.
  2. Minimum 5 years’ work experience with Python
  3. Senior Full-Stack Developer (Python, Django & ReAct)
  4. Software development & gadgets are a hobby for you too.
  5. Ability to work in English (and preferably Dutch)

Apart from requirements above, we would want to know your experience with:

  1. Software architecture development
  2. TOGAF, CSDP, CEA or other certifications.
  3. Architectural Tooling, UML, Archimate or other
  4. Experience with SQL, Postgres, SAML/OpenID
  5. Create and managing different development environments CI/CD, Github/lab
  6. Experience with Genetec
  7. Live within 1 hour drive from Zaltbommel
  8. Speak Dutch
  9. Experience working in a global team
  10. Computer Vision

We offer:

  • Flexible working conditions, Ability to work substantial time from home or the office.
  • Report directly to CTO/Head of Infrastructure past of Innovation Management Team
  • Possibility to designing and building state of the art software for work in extreme conditions.
  • Cool work, with cool IoT stuff
  • Excellent Monthly Salary plus a profit sharing setup in a fast growing company


Interested? Questions? Please contact Remco Coenen for more information, or apply directly for this challenging job by sending him your CV + motivation.

Remco Coenen, CTO

atgbeheerTechnical Development Lead