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Ask VISICS: Is Your Equipment Weatherproof?

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The answer is YES. It must be! We have created our system with industrial grade materials to ensure the
production of accurate, highly informative real-time feedback during dangerous and varying turnaround
conditions anywhere on the globe.

In this video, you can see our VISICS equipment being tested for water resistance. This innovative field test
ran for 21 days and nights to confirm that we are providing reliable safety equipment. Experimental testing
isn’t all we’ve done though.

Our systems are used internationally- in over 15 different countries year-round, so they have proven
successful in several environmental situations. This includes weather conditions such as snow in Canada
and Sweden, extreme heat in Kazakhstan, rain and humidity in the gulf of the United States and more.
The hardware that we rely on to keep our equipment weatherproof includes high quality, specially
designed industrial connectors and rubber seals that keep water and other elements from contacting
the electronics inside. Our technology is designed specifically for heavy industries, with their challenges
and applications in mind.

Would you like to put it to the test for yourself? We recommend setting up a pilot to see it live and in
action! For more information on our pilot program, reach out to us via the contact form or contact your
area representative directly.

VISICS equipment being tested for water resistance over a period of 21 days

Tim Hup Profile Picture, +31 6 28 43 87 46

North America & APAC:
Darell Dowd Profile Picture, +49 176 77 25 66 10

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“How to become a VISICS partner?”

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So you’re interested in VISICS technology… but what’s next? If you’re a service organization you may be a great partner candidate.

Since 2009 VISICS has operated around the world for the most reputable energy industry players, utilizing a well developed and trusted partner network.

Our partner portfolio spans over 10 countries and 25 organizations. We classify our partners into two categories – Implementation Partners and Technology Partners.Implementation Partners are often contracting or service proving organizations operating within heavy industries. We rely on these partners to successfully implement VISICS solutions in the field.
When it comes to being a new implementation partner there is a lot of due diligence to cover. First, we will initiate an introductory meeting, whereby both firms can learn about one another. It is in this introductory meeting that the VISICS solution is demonstrated and all questions pertaining to the system, implementation, costs, logistics, training and the like are covered. One can generally expect a good 4-hour session to thoroughly go through all of the information and a demonstration. Fear not, these sessions fly by as we prefer to keep things interactive with two-way dialogue.

We recommend bringing the following stakeholders to this introductory session:

CEO/ Director


Turnaround Manager

Sales Manager

Upon concluding that your firm is both interested and a good fit, we will share our Partner Agreement, which initiates a formal partnership.Once a formal partnership is established (upon signing the Partner Agreement), we will do the following:

Get your sales team set up in the Partner Portal

Initiate training in the VISICS Academy

Make some noise – media announcements

Technology Partners are often innovative organizations that help us develop our service and solution portfolio.

Technology partners help us push the boundaries of innovation, continuously developing solutions for tomorrow. Technology partners can include both hardware and software organizations.

When it comes to being a new technology partner we will initiate an introductory meeting, whereby both firms can learn about one another and discuss “fit”.
In this session, we will talk about technology compatibility and how to get started with a successful partnership.

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A new world record!

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There goes our biggest project of the year, off to the UK to set a new world record!

During this turnaround, our mobile VISICS solution will be monitoring 160 confined spaces – able to see what’s happening inside the confined space, communicate with the engineers performing the maintenance activities and register exactly who has entered and left the manholes and at what time. All for a safer and more efficient turnaround!

Monitoring takes place onsite with our fully redundant server solution.

A big thanks to our trusted partner ESS Safeforce.

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VISICS Rental Catalogue available online

Our innovative solutions are based on well-engineered, reliable and robust products. For your convenience, we have collected our most rented products, including images, features and dimensions, which resulted in our VISICS 2020 Rental Catalogue. Click here to view our online Rental Catalogue
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Anticipating the new reality with VISICS and Mourik Industry

Social distancing is the order of the day. Shops, restaurants, hotels… everyone is taking precautions to be able to continue their business. But what if your business involves working in confined spaces? Or specialised projects abroad? How do you then meet the regulations ánd safeguard the health of your employees, without extraordinary investments or compromising on quality?

adminAnticipating the new reality with VISICS and Mourik Industry
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We can talk about VISICS for hours. But as from today, you can experience our solutions for safer and more efficient turnarounds yourself using Virtual Reality. Our first VR experience takes you to an industrial plant, where you can look around and get acquaintend with our solutions. On your screen, by means of a 360° VR video where you can look around using your mouse. Or, using our VISICS Oculus Go glasses, for the real 3D experience. Welcome to VISICS!

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October 14th and 15th, Access Technology Group will be present at AUTOMA 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland. You can find us at the exhibition stand 17, where you can experience our VISICS solutions: real-time ánd in virtual reality using our brand new VR production and glasses. We look forward to meet you!

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